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ILLUM - Setting the ISO

ISO sensitivity determines how sensitive to light the sensor on the camera will be.  Lower ISO settings compensate for a very bright day (or can keep a bright light source from 'blowing out' a night-time image during longer exposures), while higher ISO settings make the most of limited light, as with indoors shots, allowing you to use a faster shutter speed and thus limit motion blur.  

Setting the ISO

  • In ISO Priority Mode and Manual Mode, set the ISO by tapping the ISO indicator at the left end of the Information Bar.
  • A selection band will open across the middle of the screen, with the current ISO at the center.
  • Available ISO speeds range from 80 to 3200.
  • Tap the ISO indicator to open the ISO selection band.
  • Swipe the band from right to left to increase the ISO, or from left to right to lower it.
  • Tap on any ISO visible in the selection band to go directly to that setting.
  • Double-tap on the selection band returns to the initial ISO setting.