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Desktop 4 - Calibration & Pairing Data

Pairing Data

In order to optimally process pictures from your LYTRO ILLUM camera, Lytro Desktop needs calibration data about your camera's internal systems.

You'll need to transfer your camera's pairing data to Lytro Desktop 4 before you begin processing your pictures.   You need only perform the pairing operation once per camera, per Desktop installation. 

NOTE:  Pairing data doesn't change; LYTRO ILLUM firmware updates will never affect the pairing data

The first time you connect your camera to Lytro Desktop, the camera's calibration data is  transferred to Desktop for use in processing living pictures made with that camera. That process is called pairing.

Manual Pairing Process

Here's how to transfer the pairing data from your ILLUM camera to Lytro Desktop:

  1. Insert a formatted SD card into your camera, or connect your camera to your computer via USB 3.0 cable
  2. Power on the camera
  3. Press the SETTINGS menu by pressing the gear icon
  4. Select GENERAL at the bottom of the menu
  5. Select 'TRANSFER PAIRING DATA TO SD CARD' and follow instructions
  6. Re-insert the SD card into this computer and open Lytro Desktop 4 to complete the pairing

Troubleshooting Pairing Issues

In general, following the manual pairing instructions above will solve any pairing issues.  Here are a few specific cases:

Pictures transferred to Desktop 4 without pairing Data

Should images be transferred from the camera to Desktop 4 without the calibration pairing data, you will see a small "!" in the lower right of the thumbnail:

If this happens, simply click on the exclamation point and follow the instructions:

Image Processed before Camera Pairing

In other cases, you might have to reprocess your picture; Desktop will inform you (via the same "!" alert) and offer to reprocess the image: