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Lytro Desktop 4 - Main Overview

Download Lytro Desktop 4

Lytro Desktop 4 is designed to help you review, explore, enhance, and share your living pictures.

System Requirements & Downloads


What’s New? (Lytro Desktop v4.3.1)


  • Export Options:
    • Animations - Export 3D animations as .mp4 files.
    • Lenticular Printing - Export files for lenticular printing.
    • Export/Import XRAW - Export your Lytro RAW images with your camera's calibration data to share RAW files with friends or clients (ILLUM ONLY)


  • Focus Spread - Pinpoint exactly at which depths focus begins and ends in an image — like having two apertures in a single picture. W​ith Focus Spread, any photographer can produce amazing living-pictures with f/1.0 bokeh in the foreground and background while maintaining f/16 sharpness on the primary subjects with a single exposure.  See the Focus Spread training video for full details.
  • Sharpening - Added Detail and Masking channels, while improving existing Amount and Radius channels.
  • Saturation - Added 6 color specific channel controls
  • Keyframe Animations - now support perspective shift
  • Lots More - See Desktop 4 Release Notes for all the details

Feature Overview

  • Preview and Import - Getting pictures from your camera
  • Pictures and Libraries - View and Manage your living pictures and libraries
  • Info - displays information about the capture settings used for the selected image
  •  Adjustments - Image adjustment tools allow you to control exposure, aperture, tilt effects, and more
  •  Animate - create short keyframe animations of your living pictures
  • Present - Present your living pictures in fullscreen (in 3D too!)
  • Photoshop - edit living pictures in Adobe Photoshop
  • Export - Supported file formats (JPG, TIF, etc)


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