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Desktop 4 - Preview & Import

For more information on picture processing states Click Here.


Preview and Import - Quickstart

  1. Take some pictures
  2. Connect your camera to, or insert SD card into your computer.  Your camera will appear (see a. below)
  3. Choose an existing library or create a new one. See b. below
  4. Selecting existing or new library (c. below) and processing option (d. below)
  5. Import (.f below)your pictures; they will be imported and stored in the library you select.


Preview Options and Features (Desktop 4.3 or higher):

  • Camera connected (a.)  -  When your camera or SD card is connected to your computer, the viewing area switches to Camera View where you can select images to import.  
    • Pictures in the Camera View screen are thumbnails only and do not display depth-related features like refocus.
  • New/All Pictures Toggle (c.)  - “New” displays pictures that have not yet been imported; “All Pictures” displays all pictures on your SD card.
  • Select images to preview
    • Holding shift and clicking will selected all of the images from the first selected to the last
    • Holding command (mac) or control (win) will allow you to select multiple pictures individually

Import and Process Pictures:

  1. Select pictures you want to import
  2. Import to Album… (b.) - Select an album to import them to or create a new album
  • Process now or later - The “Process Immediately” checkbox  (d.) tells Desktop if you want to process your pictures now or later:
    • Checked - Processes all pictures as they import into the selected library
    • Unchecked - Pictures will do a “Fast Import” and can be processed later, when convenient or as needed.
      • NOTE - Unprocessed preview images don’t have living picture effects such as refocus.
      • For more information on picture processing states Click Here.
  • "Delete from Camera" (e.)  - controls whether pictures are deleted from your SD card after import.
    • NOTE - "Delete after import" is a permanent removal of the pictures from your SD card and they cannot be recovered

    3.  Import All / Import Selected (f.) - Imports all or selected previewed images on the SD card

  • "Import All" appears  when no thumbnails are selected.
  • "Import Selected" [Mac] or "Import X pictures" [Windows] appears when you have images selected.

    4. Your pictures will appear one at a time in the selected Library.  


  • If you didn’t process your images as they import, you’ll need to process them one at a time to view living picture effects.  Initiate processing via:
  • For more information on picture processing states Click Here.


  • When in doubt, we recommend importing pictures from your camera instead of deleting them.  The depth features that are unique to the Lytro experience will often reveal elements within a scene that cannot be recognized in a 2D thumbnail.