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Desktop 4 - Exporting Animations

In Lytro Desktop 4 go to 'File' > 'Export Animation as a Movie...' on the top bar and follow the instructions below:

a. Name your movie by typing in a name.  The file extension will be .mp4 by default.
b. Use the drop down menu to choose a location for your movie to save to.  After exporting is completed, you can move the movie file to a different location.
c. Size:  Choose Fit to 720p or Fit to 1080p.  1080p will be higher quality, but take longer to process and produce a larger file.  
d. Render Quality:  Choose Fast or Best.  

  • We recommend using Fast, as the quality difference is minimal, and the processing time for best will be very long, even with a performance based machine.  
  • Fast replicates the viewing quality and experience available on most computers.
  • Fast: expect 5-10 seconds of processing per second of animation, dependent on your computer's capabilities
  • Best: expect 10 minutes per second, or more, on a performance based machine

e. Compression:  Choose from H.264 Maximum Quality, H.264 Balanced, H.264 Maximum Compression, or PNG Series.  The H.264 compression options are standard compression formats available for movie files.

  • H.264 Maximum Quality:  Higher quality, larger file size
  • H.264 Balanced: Medium Quality, medium file size
  • H.264 Maximum Compression: Lower quality, smaller file size
  • PNG series: Exports 196 sequential still 2D PNG images

f. FPS: Choose from 1, 2, 6, 10, 12, 15, 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, or 60 frames per second

  • 24fps is the standard for film
  • 30fps is the standard for NTSC television
  • 60fps is quickly becoming the standard for high quality HD video

g. Stereo: Choose from 2D, 3D Anagylph, or 3D Side by Side

  • For more information on Lytro 3D output Click Here


Once you have selected options for a-g, click "Export" to export the animation as a movie file.   Once complete, navigate to the destination selected in option b to find and view the file.  You can then play the video with any compatible video player - any video player that plays .mp4 files should work.  

You can also edit the exported movie files in any 3rd party NLE (non-linear editing) software that is compatible with .mp4 files.