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Desktop 4 - Viewing and Presenting in 3D

Viewing and Presenting your living pictures in 3D

  • While in either Filmstrip or Picture View, click the presentation control icon in the left panel.
    • NOTE:  3D views are not supported in Thumbnail View.
  • This will expose presentation controls, including 3D options.  Choose the type of 3D you want to view; the red/blue icon will display in anaglyphwhile the other icon will display as a side-by-side 3D picture.
  • Your pictures will now display in 3D.  If you wish to view them in fullscreen, just click on the 'Begin Presentation" button.


In the Display Properties for your 3D display, please observe the following to make sure your images display properly in 3D:

  1. The underscan slider should be set to "OFF" -OR-
  2. The resolution should be set to "Best for display"
  3. But not both!  If you use both Scaled and use an Underscan 3D will not display properly.