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Desktop 4 - Everything in focus?

We support extended focus (aka "All-in-focus"), which means that everything that can be in focus in your living picture, will be in focus (NOTE:  objects that are out of focus due to range or motion blur will still be out of focus).  However, the method for applying extended focus to a living picture has changed in Desktop 4!  

You can temporarily display a living picture all-in-focus using the keyboard shortcut "E" on your keyboard. Press "E" again to leave extended focus.   This will only affect the display of the image — to permanently enable extended focus, you must use the Aperture slider, as listed below.  

You can create an entirely in focus picture using the Aperture slider in Desktop 4's Adjust toolset.

1) Select the picture you want from any of Desktop 4's view modes.

2) Open the Adjust panel by clicking on the "Adjust" icon on the left hand side of the interface:

This will open the Adjust panel and display a series of sliders.  

3.  Drag the APERTURE slider, at the top of the Adjust panel, all the way to left, to f/16.  



4. Your image will now be displayed entirely in focus and you can continue to make additional adjustments, share, or export your image.

Extended focus with Aperture slider set to f/16:

Shallow depth of field with Aperture slider set to f/1.4:


5) Export an All-in-Focus 2D image: 

  • Go to File > Export, and choose "Refocused Image (.jpg)" or "Refocused Image (.tif)"
  • More on exporting 2D images is available here