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Desktop 4 - Reprocessing living pictures

Living pictures are automatically processed by Lytro Desktop 4 when you import them from the camera, and do not usually need to be reprocessed.  This is a change from previous versions of Lytro Desktop, which required you to reprocess pictures to enable perspective shift or extended focus. 

However, in some circumstances you may need to reprocess living pictures in Desktop 4.  This is especially true for pictures you've imported from Desktop 3 or from a first generation Lytro camera: the Adjust and Animate tools and perspective shift will not work until you've reprocessed them.

How to reprocess a living picture in Desktop 4:

  • From the Thumbnail View,
    ight-click [Ctrl-click] the picture and choose Reprocess, or
  • [Mac] From the Picture menu, choose Reprocess, or
  • Cick the Reprocess button when prompted to in dialog boxes or in the Adjust tool.

Pictures which may need to be reprocessed include:

  • [First Generation Lytro camera] All pictures in a Lytro Library you've imported, migrated, or upgraded from a previous version of Lytro Desktop.
  • [LYTRO ILLUM camera] Pictures taken with a LYTRO ILLUM camera that has not been paired with the Desktop 4 software on your computer.
  • Pictures which had a Living Filter applied in Desktop 3

How do I know when I need to reprocess a picture?

This Warning icon indicates that a picture needs to be reprocessed.   

Pictures which need to be reprocessed will appear in the Thumbnails View with a small warning icon on the lower right corner of the thumbnail.

Click on the warning icon for more information.

IMPORTANT: [First Generation Lytro camera]
All pictures taken with the First Generation Lytro camera and processed in Desktop 3 will need to be reprocessed once in Desktop 4 to enable perspective shift, extended focus, adjustments, and animations.  There may not be a warning icon in this case, but these tools will be unavailable (greyed out) until pictures are reprocessed. 


Reprocessing and Living Filters:

  • The Living Filters feature of Lytro Desktop 3 is not currently supported in Lytro Desktop 4. If you applied a Living Filter to a picture in Desktop 3, you'll need to reprocess it in Desktop 4 to enable perspective shift, extended focus, adjustments, and animations. The Living Filter will also be removed from the picture.
  • In this case, the warning icon will appear on the picture in Thumbnails View, and when clicked will display the following message: 

    The Living Filter you applied to this picture is no longer available.
    Learn More

  • Clicking Learn More will display the Knowledge Base article about Living Filters in Desktop 4.  
  • You can reprocess the picture by selecting it and choosing Reprocess from the Picture menu, or by right-clicking it and choosing Reprocess.