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Desktop 4 - Release Notes

Lytro Desktop - Release Notes


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Lytro Desktop 4.3.3 (Mac only)

December 9th, 2015

Improved Stuff

  • Bug fix
    • A bug preventing new first generation camera users running Mac OS X 10.10 from having their camera detected in Lytro Desktop 4 has been fixed.

Previous Versions

Lytro Desktop 4.3.2 (Mac only)

November 16th, 2015

Improved Stuff

  • Various bug fixes
    • [NTR-4297] A bug preventing Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan users from connecting their first generation Lytro cameras has been fixed.

Lytro Desktop 4.3.1

July 29th, 2015

New Stuff

  • Windows 10 support

Improved Stuff

  • Various bug fixes

Lytro Desktop 4.3

July 9th, 2015

New Stuff

  • Export
  • Misc

Improved Stuff

  • File names are now consistent during import/export
  • Processing performance has been improved

Lytro Desktop 4.2.2

April 29th, 2015

Fixed Stuff

  • 7-stack TIFF Exports, Editable Living Picture, now use the 00 image as the center frame.

Lytro Desktop 4.2.1

April 8th, 2015

New Stuff

Improved Stuff

Lytro Desktop 4.1.2

February 24th, 2015

New Stuff

  • Localization for Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish

Lytro Desktop 4.1.1

December 18th, 2014

Bugfix release


    • Windows - "Assertion Failed - Could Not Create Vertex Shader" bug
    • Mac - Desktop Notification Update now works on all systems

Known Issues

    • "Assertion Failed - Pointer Amok" bug affecting some Windows systems

Lytro Desktop 4.1.0

December 9th, 2014


  • System Requirements (Mac)
    • Requires MacOS 10.9 or higher
    • MacOS 10.8 no longer supported
  • Adjustments
    • Focus Spread - Advanced Depth of Field control.  Please see our Focus Spread tutorial video
    • Added 6 color saturation sliders - Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta [ILLUM ONLY]
    • Added 2 sharpness sliders - Detail, Masking [ILLUM ONLY]
    • View depth map
    • White balance eyedropper
    • Detail 1:1 view
    • Color histogram
  • Keyframe Animations
    • Perspective shift support
  • Export
    • Import/Export Lytro XRAW - Export Lytro RAW with pairing data & adjustment settings [ILLUM ONLY]
    • WINDOWS ONLY - Manual import / export of pairing data (Will be added in MAC in the future)
  • Share
    • Share to an existing Web album
    • Share Animation video directly to Facebook
    • Thumbnails respect aperture settings
  • Import from Camera
    • Flag support - Pictures flagged in camera are processed first; quickly sort flagged pictures after processing via Flagged View [Requires ILLUM Camera Software 1.1 or higher]
  • Picture processing
    • Improved progress indication on thumbnail


    • Image Quality
    • Sharpness
      • ‘Amount’ and ‘Radius’ sharpness adjustments have been made stronger and more impactful
    • Tone Curve
      • Red color blooming has been reduced
      • Colors and contrast have been made more punchy
      • Increased slider ranges - Tonal adjustments can be more impactful due to larger range
    • Exports
      • Exported JPGs & TIFs - Reduction of aliasing artifacts
  • Rendering
    • All rendering now done natively in DirectX for performance and render quality improvements [WINDOWS ONLY]

Fixed (Reported by Users - thanks!)

    • WCS support added
    • Vibrance/Saturation preview fixed to match final render

Known Issues

  •  "Assertion Fail" error on launch on certain Windows systems
  • When selected, the white balance eyedropper does not change the mouse pointer to an eyedropper.  This will be fixed in a future Desktop release.


Lytro Desktop 4.0.4

October 23rd, 2014

New Stuff

    • Japanese Support

Fixed Stuff (Reported by Users - thanks!) 

  • NTR-2786 - prevents a crash if a WCS device profile is in use (NOTE - Full WCS support will be provided in a future Desktop 4 release)
  • NTR-2652 -  Keyframes pushed offscreen
  • Crashing and hanging due to certain NVIDIA GeForce cards

Known Issues

    • HD-206 - [MAC - WIN] - Adjustments - Vibrance Live adjustments preview of the picture is invalid
    • WCS support will be added in a future Desktop release
    • NTR-2619 - Desktop keeps prompting to update firmware after firmware updated
      • Workaround:  Take a picture; this will prevent more update prompts

Lytro Desktop 4.0.3

Released September 17th, 2014

General (ALL BUILDS)

New Stuff

    • None

Fixed Stuff

    • Customer reported issues fixed - Thank you!!
      • NTR-2617 - Library Migration from pre-Desktop 4.0.0 sometimes fails, resulting in an empty library after migration.
    • Fixes a crash on Windows for some users when logging into Facebook via Lytro Desktop

Known Issues - Please let us know if you run into any of these via

    • NTR-2619 - Desktop keeps prompting to update firmware after firmware updated
      • Workaround:  Take a picture; this will prevent more update prompts

Lytro Desktop 4.0.2

Released September 8th, 2014

General (ALL BUILDS)

New Stuff

    • French language support
    • Interactive depth map is exported/imported when exporting an editable living picture (Export Format = 'Editable Living Picture')
    • GPU Blacklist - Desktop won't install if user's graphics card is on the unsupported video card blacklist

Fixed Stuff

    • Customer reported issues fixed - Thank you!!
      • NTR 2528 - WIN - Exporting animation to PNG series missing
      • NTR 2531 - Win Support for "Safely Remove Hardware"
      • NTR 2313 - MAC & WIN - Delete after import functionally doesn't actually delete pictures on SD card
    • Mac - Performance improvements for Perspective shift and refocus animation in presentation mode
    • All - Extensive bug fixes, stability improvements, and performance enhancements

Known Issues - Please let us know if you run into any of these via

    • NTR-2583 Entering Presentation mode while on the "Animate" panel causing multiple issues (issues specific to “Animate” panel: filmstrip thumbnails, slideshow doesn’t work, ESC doesn’t exit, ‘Back’ button missing)
    • NTR-2570 ILLUM firmware update can be started while importing pictures
    • NTR-2577 MAC - Switching of "Viewer modes" doesn't work while user is on the "Animate" panel
    • NTR-2619 - Desktop keeps prompting to update firmware after firmware updated
      • Workaround:  Take a picture; this will prevent more update prompts
    • NTR-2617 - After library migration to Desktop 4 from a Desktop 2 library, no pictures have been migrated and library is empty
      • Next release will fix this issue
      • We will have a utility for any users in this state to recover your library; please email us and refer to NTR-2617 if you believe you are having this issue 

Lytro Desktop 4.0.1
Released August 18, 2014

    • Extensive bug fixes; performance and stability improvements

Known Issues (customer reported)

    • NTR-2528:  Windows only.  Animation Export:  PNG option missing in Export Animation as Movie...

Lytro Desktop 4.0.0 (build 1452)
July 31, 2014 (Initial Release)

General Notes

What's New: See the Lytro Desktop 4 Overview

IMPORTANT:   Read this before upgrading from Desktop 3 to Desktop 4.
Lytro  Desktop 4 may exhibit performance or stability issues on unsupported computer hardware. Please see the Lytro Desktop 4 system requirements for details.

Known Issues (All platforms)

  • NTR-2302 You may need to click more than once to refocus a picture. 
  • NTR-2300 3D side-by-side display: Player image disappears on external display when exiting fullscreen 3D side-by-side presentation on internal display.
  • WEB-2463 Perspective shift may not work on cropped and/or rotated pictures you've shared to

Known Issues (Mac OS X)

  • NTR-2307 The Play icon in the Animate panel may not work correctly in localized (non-English) versions of Lytro Desktop 4.0.

Known Issues (Windows)

  • None

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