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ILLUM - Powering the camera ON/OFF

  • Power On/Off
    • Briefly press the power button to turn on the camera.
    • When the camera is on, briefly press the power button camera mode to put the camera into sleep mode.
    • To turn the camera to a full off mode, press and hold the power button for 20 seconds
  • Sleep mode:
    • When the camera is on, press the power button to put the camera to sleep and conserve power.
    • Press the power button again to "wake" the camera up.
    • Sleep mode is a power saving mode designed to conserve battery life. 
    • The camera is designed to be put into "sleep" mode when not in use - there should be no real need to power down the camera entirely.
  • Turning the camera completely off
    • Hold power button down for ~15 seconds -OR-
    • Pull the battery

You can configure the power on/off and sleep timers via Settings > General > Energy Saver

NOTE:  Camera will transition from Sleep to full off after 48 hours.