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ILLUM - Using the Depth Histogram & Depth Overlay Tools

The Depth Histogram and Depth Overlay are interactive depth analysis tools to give you feedback on where objects fall in the refocusable range.  More information and sample images are available in the User Manual.

  • Press the Lytro button to activate them.
  • A half press activates the Depth Histogram
    • The Depth Histogram consists of bands extending out to the right of the depth scale.
    • The blue shades represent the near refocusable range, and the orange shades represent the far refocusable range.
    • The more refocus there is available at a given depth, the further the band will extend to the right.
  • A full press activates the Depth Overlay
  • The histogram can tell you if you have a subject within the refocusasble range.
  • To get the most impact for refocusing, you must have a significant histogram wave in both the near refocusable range and the far refocusable range.
  • Waves outside of the refocusable range are objects in the background or foreground that can not be refocused.
  • The Depth Overlay provides the same kind of information as the Depth Histogram, but displays it as an overlay on objects in the live view.
  • Objects that fall within the near refocusable range are edged with blue.
  • Objects that fall within the far refocusable are edged with orange.
  • This lets you instantly see whether there is enough subject matter in each of the ranges to get good refocusing possibilities.