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ILLUM - Adjusting the White Balance

Several different options for white balance settings are available in camera.  You can also adjust  white balance after capture in Lytro Desktop 4.

In Capture Mode, white balance is indicated by the White Balance Indicator in the Menu Bar.



  • To set the white balance, tap the White Balance icon in the Menu Bar.
    • A submenu will open to the left, displaying the available white balance options.
    • Swipe up or down on the submenu to view additional options.
    • Tap any option to select it and change the setting.
    • The submenu will close, and the new selection will be displayed as the White Balance icon and as the white balance indicator in the Information Bar.
    • If no selection is made, the submenu will close after a few seconds.
  • The white balance settings available are represented by the following icons:


  • From left to right:
    • AWB:  Auto White Balance - automatically selects the best white balance for the exposure and scene.  We recommend using AWB.
    • Tungsten:  For tungsten lighting (indoor lighting)
    • Fluorescent:  For fluorescent lighting 
    • Flash:  For flash or strobe lighting
    • Sunlight:  For sunny, outdoor lighting
    • Cloudy:  For overcast, outdoor lighting
    • Shade: For outdoor shade
    • Custom White Balance - ILLUM Camera Software 1.1 or higher required.  To set custom white balance:
      • Touch and hold on the 'K' icon
      • This will launch the Temperature and Tone controls, allowing you to select and set the custom white ballance