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ILLUM - Using the Continuous Shutter (Burst) Mode


The LYTRO ILLUM offers a continuous shooting mode for taking pictures in rapid succession.  More information is available in the ILLUM User Manual.

When continuous shutter is active, the camera will trigger the shutter as rapidly as possible for as long as the shutter button is held down — or until the shot buffer is full.

  • To activate continuous shutter mode, tap the Continuous Shutter icon in the Menu bar and the icon will illuminate
  • To return to single shutter mode, tap the icon again 
  • The frame rate in continuous mode is 3 frames per second
  • An internal buffer of 10 shots is used in continuous mode
  • When the internal buffer reaches zero, the maximum continuous frame rate is limited by the write speed of the SD card
  • Continuous mode can be good for quickly moving subjects