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ILLUM - Refocusing a Living Picture

You can view and refocus your living pictures on camera in Playback mode.  Living pictures must be processed before they can be refocused.  More information is available in the user manual.

  • You can refocus your pictures right on camera by simply tapping the screen, but the camera has to process the picture first.  
  • The first time a picture is viewed, it will automatically be processed for refocusing.
  • A small progress window will appear over the center of the picture during processing.
  • When the progress window disappears — usually in just a second or two — the picture is ready to be refocused by tapping the screen. 


Refocusing a Living Picture

  • Once a picture has been processed, refocus it by just tapping the screen.
  • The camera will re-center the focus as closely as possible to the spot tapped.
  • Depending on the composition of the picture, some areas may fall outside the refocusable range — essentially the maximum range in which the picture can be refocused sharply. 


Refocus a Living Picture by tapping the touchscreen.

  • As the focus of the picture changes, the depth value for that focus is displayed in the Depth Assist Bar as a white line