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ILLUM Camera Software - Release Notes

ILLUM Camera Software Release Notes

How to Update Your LYTRO ILLUM

Final Version

ILLUM Camera Software 2.0

July 9, 2015

New Stuff

Fixed and Improved Stuff

  • Improved Autofocus speed
  • Navigation of the camera menu has been improved
  • Info Bar UI has been improved
  • Optical Offset UI has been improved
  • Bracketing UI has been improved
  • To improve stability and overall reliability, reduced capture buffer from 10 to 8

General Notes

  • Fibonacci Grid Overlay options have been removed

Previous Versions

ILLUM Camera Software 1.2.1

June 10, 2015

Fixed and Improved Stuff

  • Localization for Russian

ILLUM Camera Software 1.2.0

March 24, 2015

Fixed and Improved Stuff

  • Live View
    • Shutter lag time has been improved
    • Depth overlay performance greatly improved
    • Focus and zoom lock no longer disengage unexpectedly
    • Improved black levels
  • Playback Mode
    • Toggling from Capture to Playback will return user to last viewed image (rather than first image) until a new image is captured or the camera goes to sleep
    • Deleting image will load next image (rather than prior image)
    • Improved black levels
  • Settings
    • Flicker Reduction - New ‘Auto’ mode sets flicker reduction settings based on current lighting conditions.

ILLUM Camera Software 1.1.2

February 17, 2015

New Stuff

  • Localization for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish

ILLUM Camera Software 1.1.1

January 26, 2015

New Stuff

Known Issues

    • Adjustments to the on-camera flash compensation menu have no effect on flash functionality when the flash is set to Manual or Repeat mode.  These menu items will be grayed out next version.
    • First time users using unformatted or read-only SD cards will not be able to successfully pair their camera with Lytro Desktop

Known Bugs

    • Focus & Zoom Locks disengage after exiting Settings
    • Focus & Zoom Locks are disengaged by Depth Assist

ILLUM Camera Software 1.1.0

December 10, 2014


    • Playback Features
      • Depth Overlay and Depth Histogram
      • Focus control using focus ring and touch interaction on Depth Scale
      • Cycle pictures using dials
      • Select All/None in Playback Grid
      • Flag - flagged pictures are processed first in Lytro Desktop 4.1.  Mark images on-camera for priority processing and easy sorting in Desktop 4’s Flag View.
      • Rotate Picture - Rotate pictures in 90 degree increments
      • Auto-orientation - Pictures maintain correct orientation when camera is rotated
    • Settings

Fixed & Improved

    • Capture orientation is now respected in Playback -- if you captured a picture in Portrait, it will appear in Portrait in Playback
    • Wifi connection bug fix - improves ILLUM > iOS connection stability and performance
    • Numerous bug fixes, stability improvements, and performance enhancements

ILLUM Camera Firmware 1.0.2 & 1.0.3

October 27th, 2014

New Stuff

    • Japanese Support

Fixed Stuff

    • Bug fixes, stability improvements, and performance enhancements

Notes:  1.0.3 was a factory-only release with no customer facing changes relative to 1.0.2

ILLUM Camera Firmware 1.0.1

September 8th, 2014

New Stuff

    • Added configuration menu item for hyperfocal feature

Fixed Stuff

    • Numerous bug fixes, stability improvements, and performance enhancements
    • BCS-2741 - Alternate lens ring behavior now saved across power states
    • BCS-2457 - Camera no longer freezes in low light situations when autofocus engages

Known Issues

    • Desktop keeps prompting to update firmware after firmware updated
      • Workaround:  Take a picture; this will prevent more update prompts

ILLUM Camera Firmware 1.0.0 (36)

July 31, 2014 (Initial Release)

Known Issues

    • BCS-2741 - Alternate lens ring behavior is not saved after a power cycle, though it still appears to be selected in the Settings > Controls > Lens Rings menu. This will be corrected in the next firmware update.
    • BCS-2457 - Camera freezes in low light  and engaging autofocus



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