Using the Lytro Player - Standard or Advanced?

When you experience a living picture online, you're using the Lytro Player. It's our behind-the-scenes software that does all the heavy lifting, and it has two levels of awesome:

  • The Standard Player is the reliable, tried-and-true, HTML5-based runs-everywhere-and-always-works edition.
  • The Advanced Player is the new hotness, the WebGL-based shiny chrome-and-glass marvel of the age. If your computer's newish and fancy, it could be for you.

How to enable the Advanced Player

Visit and click on a picture. If your system seems to be WebGL-compatible, we'll ask if you'd like to try the good stuff:



If you click OK, the Advanced Player will load, and you'll (probably) see something like this:


Don't click OK just yet — try clicking and dragging on the picture.  If it looks great, click OK; if not (or if your screen freezes) just click Cancel or close the window to return to the Standard Player.

You can also switch back and forth between the Standard and Advanced Players by clicking the gear icon on the right edge of the Player window: 


You can also enable or disable the Advanced Player completely for your account:

For details about the Advanced Player, WebGL and system compatibility, see 
Lytro Player: Advanced Player (Beta) Requirements


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