Lytro Mobile 2 - Connect to the ILLUM via wifi

Before proceeding, please take the required steps for getting started with the Lytro Mobile App.

Here's how to connect your iOS device to your camera:

  1. After you have signed in to the Lytro Mobile App, by default you will land on the "Stream" screen.  Touch the menu icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

  2. The sidebar will open; tap CAMERA.
  3. The CAMERA panel allows you to choose which Lytro camera model you want to connect to.

  4. Tap the ILLUM Camera:

  5. Enable Wi-Fi on your ILLUM camera:

    From the ILLUM camera's Settings menu, choose iOS CONNECT.


  6. Note the Network Name and Password.

  7. Connect your iOS device to the camera's Wi-Fi network:

    On your iOS device, open the device's Settings panel, then choose Wi-Fi.

    Locate your camera's network in the CHOOSE A NETWORK... panel and tap it.

    Enter the password that was displayed on the camera's iOS Connect screen, then tap Join.

    Your iOS device should connect to the camera's Wi-Fi network.  

    If it doesn't connect, check the password and confirm that the camera's Wireless Access Point is set to ON.

  8. Now relaunch the Lytro app to complete the connection process. 

When the connection process is complete, the Camera Roll panel will appear. In a few moments,  previews of the living pictures on your camera will be displayed on your iOS device's screen.


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