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Desktop 4 - Presentation Mode (Mac)

Presentation Mode - Introduction

Presentation mode allows you to display your living pictures in fullscreen mode so you can present a slideshow to friends and family.   Use an album, choose a view, or flag a set of pictures and you're ready to go!

Presentation Mode - Making it Happen

You can start your presentation from any collection of pictures you like:  either a view (all pictures, flagged pictures, etc) or an album.

NOTE:  Your presentation will always begin from the selected picture in that album or view.

  • Click on the Presentation Mode icon:
  • Choose what kind of presentation you want to have:  2D or 3D (anaglyph or side-by-side):
  • Choose which display the presentation will output to:
  • Click on the 'Begin Presentation" button and you're in business!