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Desktop 4 - Organizing your Living Pictures: Using Flags and Ratings

As you review your living pictures, you can use Flags and Ratings to mark pictures to work with and keep track of your favorites.  You can also Reject images you don't need to keep.

When you're viewing a single picture, or when you have pictures actively selected in the Thumbnail View, you'll see these icons at the bottom of the viewing area:

These are the (A) Flag, (B) Reject, and (C) Rate tools.

(A) Flag: mark a picture for later    
Keyboard shortcut: F (repeat to remove flag)

Some ways to use Flags:

  • Use Flags to mark pictures you'd like to work with later — for example, pictures you want to adjust or turn into animations.
  • Flag pictures you'd like to add to a new album (such as a dog-themed Album). You can flag images from multiple albums, then switch to the Flagged view, click "Select All", and drag them all into a new album. This is much more efficient than dragging each picture from album to album.
  • Flag pictures you'd like to Export or Share (so you can quickly share all those dog pictures to Facebook).

TIP: You may want to unflag pictures again after you're done working with them: just go to the Flagged view, Select all, and press F or click the Flag tool.

(B)  Reject: mark for deletion
Keyboard shortcut: X (type a number from 0-3 to remove and rate)

  • Rejected pictures are not deleted immediately. Instead, they're automatically moved to the Rejected view, which is like a trash bin.  
  • When you Reject a picture, it immediately disappears from all other filtered views:
    All Pictures, Last Import, and Flagged.
  • Rejected pictures immediately disappear from all Albums that picture belongs to — not just the Album where you are currently working.
  • You can review your rejected pictures in the Rejected view to decide whether or not you want to delete them. The Rejected view is the only place where they can be seen. Deletion is permanent.  
  • If you change your mind about a picture: From within the Rejected pictures view, select the picture and give it a Rating (0-3 stars; see Rate, below).  The picture will return to its original Album(s) and views.

(C)  Rate - rank your favorites 
Keyboard shortcuts: 0 1 2 3 (rate picture from zero to three stars; 0 means Unrated)  

  • Ratings (One Star, Two Stars, or Three Stars) are intended to reflect the technical and artistic quality of the picture itself.  Ratings are distinct from Flagged status; a given picture can be Flagged, have a rating, or both.
  • To reset a picture's Rating, mark it Unrated [Mac].
  • You cannot both Reject ("X") and give a star rating to the same picture.  You might think of Rejected status as "-1 stars."  
  • [Windows] To reset a picture's Rejected status, right-click and choose Unreject. 
  • [First Generation camera] TIP: Pictures you've starred on the Lytro First Generation camera will retain their single-star rating upon import (until or unless you re-rate them).


Remove and Delete

  • Remove picture(s) from the current Album (only)
    • The "Remove Picture from Album" option is entirely different from either deleting a picture or Rejecting a picture.
      • "Remove Picture from Album" affects only the current Album — while deleting and Rejecting have Library-wide effects.
      • The "removed" picture will remain in your Lytro Library, accessible via the "All Pictures" view, and will also remain in all other Albums in which it appears.
    • The keyboard shortcut to remove pictures from the current Album is the "delete" key.
    • [Windows] "Remove Picture from Album" does not (yet) appear in the top-level Picture menu.  Instead you can right-click selected pictures while in Thumbnail View.
  • Delete pictures from your Lytro Library
    • Deleted pictures are immediately removed from every corner of the current Lytro Library — all Albums; all views.
    • Deletion is permanent; there is no "undo" feature when deleting pictures.  
      You should think of a deleted picture as gone forever.
      • TIP: If you accidentally delete a picture, you may be able to retrieve it from your computer's Trash or Recycle Bin. Other places to check: on your camera or in any backup copies you've made of your Lytro Library.
    • In addition to choosing "Delete" from the top-level "Picture" menu, you can also:
      • From Thumbnail View, right-click (Mac: Ctrl-click) one or more selected pictures and choose "Delete."
      • [Mac] Use the keyboard shortcut: hold down the Command key, then press the delete key.
      • [Windows] Use the keyboard shortcut: hold down the Ctrl key, then press the delete key.