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Desktop 4 - Viewing Modes

Desktop 4 offers a range of viewing modes and options to filter your library of pictures via:


View a specific filtered portion of your current Lytro Library:

  • All Pictures: View every picture in your current Lytro Library
  • Last Import: View the most recent batch of pictures imported from your Lytro camera
  • Flagged: View only pictures that you have Flagged or Rated
  • Rejected: View only pictures that you have marked as Rejected


Viewer Modes

Thumbnail View Picture View Filmstrip View
  • Thumbnail View: Displays living pictures as a grid.  You can select one or more images and apply a flag or rating to all of them.
  • Picture View: Displays a single picture.
  • Filmstrip View: Displays a single picture with a row of thumbnails below.




The slider in the upper right corner of the viewing panel affects the following when working with pictures:

  • Thumbnail size in Thumbnail View
  • Picture zoom level in Picture View & Filmstrip View


When you have zoomed into a picture, and only part of the picture is visible on your screen, you can pan (move to other parts of the picture) as follows:

  • Hold down the Shift key and drag the mouse to pan while zoomed.  You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.



The controls in the upper left corner of the viewing panel change the way pictures are sorted within an Album or view:

  • Click the drop-down menu to select: 
    • Sort by Date
    • Sort by Rating
  • Click the arrow to reverse the sort order.