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Desktop 4 - Printing

Printing a dynamic "living picture" directly is not possible. To print, you will need to export a JPG or TIF image leaving you with only a static 2D image.

  1. You can read about 2D export options in Desktop 4 - Exporting.
  2. We support exporting a refocused JPG or TIF image of up to 2450 x 1634 dependent on crop and focus point.
  3. You can print an extended focus image by setting picture's aperture to f/16 using the Aperture slider in Desktop 4's Adjust tools.
  4. The exported JPG or TIF image can be viewed and printed using any standard software for this purpose (e.g. the native Preview application in Mac OS X, or the native Windows Photo Viewer program in Windows, or any 3rd party editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, etc).
  5. We recommend printing up to 8" x 10"-sized prints. from an exported TIF.  However, we've seen good prints come out larger, too.  We have prints here in the office up to 20" x 30" that look great. 


  • We do not recommend printing posters of any size, nor any other kind of large-format printing.  Keep in mind that the primary purpose of the Lytro Light Field Camera is creating living pictures to be shared online, not printing or exporting 2D images.
  • The DPI (Dots Per Inch) and sharpening settings, and quality of photo paper that you choose will affect the quality of your prints. 
  • See our blog entry about printing LYTRO ILLUM prints.
  • The same standards for printing and sharpening for normal 2D images will apply to your exported 2D ILLUM pictures.