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Desktop 4 - The Info Panel (Windows)

The Info panel in Desktop 4 displays information about the capture settings used for the selected image.  To access Info, select an image by clicking on its thumbnail from any of Desktop 4's view modes.  Then, click the Info icon in the sidebar on the left hand side of the interface.

This will open the Info panel:

The Info panel displays the following:

a. Taken: Displays the date and time the picture was captured

b. Model: Displays the camera model

c. Shutter: Displays the shutter speed used for the exposure

d. ISO: Displays the ISO setting used for the exposure

e. F-Stop: Displays the aperture used for the exposure

f. EV: Displays the Exposure Compensation setting used for the exposure.  If no Exposure Compensation was used, this will be 0

g. Focal Length: Displays the focal length of the lens at the time of capture (35mm equivalent)

h. Mode: Displays the capture mode that the camera was in at time of capture

i. Reject: Rejected images will have the "x" illuminated. Click on the X to mark the selected image as rejected.  

j. Rating: Displays the given rating of the selected image.  Click one, two, or three stars to rate the image.

k.  Flag: If an image has been flagged, this icon will be illuminated.  Flag an image by clicking on the icon, click on the icon again remove a flag.  Flagging lets you mark images temporarily.

i. Caption:  Displays the image caption.  Click in the box and type to add an image caption.  Hit Enter or Return to apply the caption.