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Desktop 4 - Upgrading Guide from Lytro Desktop 3

This article is for current users of Lytro Desktop 3.

  • IMPORTANT: Before upgrading from Lytro Desktop 3 to Desktop 4, 
    make backups of your Lytro Library files.

  • Updating a Library from Desktop 3 to Desktop 4 is PERMANENT.
    A library which you've created or opened with Desktop 4 can not be opened by Desktop 3.

  • Lytro Desktop 4 requires more powerful graphics hardware than Desktop 3, and may not work well on all systems, especially laptops.
    See Desktop 4 - System Requirements

  • Lytro Desktop 3 is now unsupported.



What's New in Desktop 4

  • Support for LYTRO ILLUM cameras
  • Adjustments
  • Animations
  • You will need to reprocess your existing pictures to enable Adjust and Animate.
  • Workflows to get you into and out of third- party editing tools (like Photoshop)
  • Manual Sort - You can now manually sort pictures within albums

What happened to…?

  • Processing for Perspective Shift - The Perspective Shift feature and icon are gone, because perspective shift is now enabled in the initial processing of all new pictures. 
  • Depth Scores are gone - We didn't think they were very accurate or useful; let us know if you disagree!
  • Living Filters - We decided that completing Animations, Adjustments, and a host of other features were more important.  We plan to reintroduce Filters in a future Desktop update but don't have a release date.  Let us know if you really want it back!

Reprocessing Notes

When you reprocess a Desktop 3 Living Picture in Desktop 4:

  • Perspective Shift is always enabled, even when you refocus.
  • The Adjust and Animate tools are enabled.
  • Living Filters are removed.

New Living Picture Player

Desktop 4 uses our new OpenGL Player to view your pictures.  This new player enables exciting new features:

  • More creative control when sharing pictures online, especially when your audience uses our WebGL-based Advanced Player
  • Virtual Camera adjustments allow real-time post-capture aperture and lens tilt adjustment