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ILLUM - How to update your camera software

==>  LYTRO ILLUM Release Notes <==

Step 1

Make sure you have at least 1 (one) picture on your SD card!

Step 2

Decide whether you'd prefer to update via USB3 cable, or directly from the SD Card.

  • USB Cable - Connect the Camera directly to your Computer via USB cable
    • We recommend the included USB3 cable, but you can also use a USB2
  • SD Card - Take out the SD Card of your Camera and plug it in your Card reader on your Computer.

Step 3

If you have any problems getting the ILLUM software as described in Step 3, you can also download it directly 


If Desktop is already launched *and* you have your SD card connected (directly in your computer or via USB3 cable), please click on the Info Panel > 'Update Firmware'

Otherwise, attach your camera via USB3 or insert your USB card into your computer to launch Lytro Desktop, and note the prompt that an update is available for your camera.


Step 4

Select 'Update' and wait for the firmware update to be copied to your SD Card.

Step 5

Once the firmware update is copied to your SD card:

  • Unplug the camera from the computer -OR-
  • Remove the SD Card from your computer and put it back in your Camera.

Step 6

On your camera, navigate to Settings > General > Update Firmware


Step 7

Confirm firmware update.


Step 8 

Confirm firmware update was successful by navigating to Settings > General > About and check the new firmware version


  • Avatar
    Alice Shimmin

    It would be very helpful if the 'Copying firmware' message included an approximate percentage done. The copy took a long time and it would be reassuring to see some form of progress indication.

  • Avatar
    Milton Smith

    It would also be good to have a place on the Lytro site itself to download the Firmware updates via a normal browser. I am using Lytro's supplied software and keep getting firmware is corrupt warnings, this is true after several attempts so far. Not overly impressed with the capabilities or happy with the product and its support.

  • Avatar
    Francisco Javier

    The updating process just doesn't work for me. I used the "SD card" method and after waiting for a lifetime without any progress indication, it seems like it didn't do anything. It keeps on pushing me to update. Honestly, I am quite fed up of this camera...

  • Avatar
    Günter Heißenbüttel

    My Illum actually has firmware version 1.01 and I am not alerted, that 1.0.2 is available. Therefore I manually downloaded firmware 1.0.2.
    But neither with directly connected camera nor with mounted and freshly formatted SD-card the "Update Firmware" button is available.
    The infos under Lytro Desktop don’t even show up the actual software version or build number of my camera.

    What do you suggest?

  • Avatar
    adam gould

    Firmware updates are available from the following Knowledgebase article (taken from the above KB):

    There is also a 'Latest ILLUM Camera Software' link right on

    Please be sure and have at least one picture on the SD card.

  • Avatar
    Günter Heißenbüttel

    Thank you Adam!
    Coincidentally the SD card was freshly formatted and there was no picture on it. Now, all is working well!

  • Avatar
    Nik Hafiz

    the download thru the knowledgebase 'portal' seems to be a better option as it's a direct download to your computer (instead of camera / sd card which may be slower comparatively). the download of the latest firmware update (ver 1.2) of around 193mb in size took me less than 10 mins to complete.