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LYTRO ILLUM - Desktop 4 does not launch when connected (Mac OS X)

If Lytro Desktop 4 does not start automatically when you connect the LYTRO ILLUM camera to your Mac:

1. Open the Lytro Desktop 4 Preferences window and confirm that this setting is enabled:
Launch Lytro Desktop when a Lytro Camera is connected.

2. Open the Image Capture application while the ILLUM camera is connected.

3. Click the small icon at the bottom left corner of the Image Capture application window.


3.  A panel will appear:


4. From the dropdown box, choose Other…

5. Select Lytro Desktop from the Applications folder.
Click Choose.


6. At the upper left corner of the Image Capture application window, click the eject icon next to LYTRO ILLUM:


7. Quit Image Capture.  Unplug the USB cable from your computer.  When you reconnect the cable, Lytro Desktop 4 should launch.


8. If you have Dropbox installed, a Camera Upload dialogue box may appear the first time you connect the ILLUM camera to your computer.  
If this happens, click Never for This Device.