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Desktop 4 - GPU Blacklist

The following GPUs will not work with Lytro Desktop 4.  Desktop 4 will not install onto computers that contain blacklisted GPUs.  

If your system contains one of these GPUs and you wish to run Lytro Desktop 4, you will need to update to a system with a supported GPU

NOTE:  Lytro Desktop 4 is required for LYTRO ILLUM users

Current GPUs which are Blacklisted by Desktop 4 

    • GeForce 9400 GT
    • NVIDIA Quadro 2000
    • Nvidia Geforce GT 420 M


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    Nobuyoshi Suzuki

    Please tell me the solution.

    Assertion failed!
    File: ....\common\dx\DxTexture.cpp
    Line: 574

    Expression:false && "Pointer Amok!"

    see the Visual C++documentation on asserts