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ILLUM - Horizon Level (Enabling and Calibrating)

Horizon Level  

NOTE:  ILLUM Camera Software v1.1 or higher required

The horizon level can help you align and frame your shots.

In this article, you'll learn how to enable and calibrate the horizon level.

Enabling the Horizon Level

  1. Go to Settings > Controls > Rearrange Menu
  2. Locate the Horizon Level icon in the grayed out icons on the right
  3. Tap on the Horizon Level once, and note that it's now in your active features list                          
  4. Now depress your shutter button once to return you to capture mode, slide your active features down, and note the Horizon level in your feature options.

Calibrating the Horizon Level

You may need to calibrate the horizon level if 1) your camera doesn't have calibration data, or 2) your existing calibration level seems off and you want to recalibrate.

  1. Find a level surface
  2. Go to Settings > General > Calibrate Horizon Level
  3. If you have horizon level calibration data already, tap 'OK'
  4. At the How To Level screen, tap 'READY'
  5. Let ILLUM know if you have camera stap points attached or not
  6. You will then be prompted to physically turn the camera and place it on each of its 6 faces in the order shown below.
  7. An arrow on screen will indicate which side should be facing up.  
  8. You will hear a chime telling you that side has been successfully calibrated (or a buzzer and "Error try again") and you can move to the next face.  
  9. Always wait until you hear the chime to continue.  
  10. At the end of the process, you will be congratulated for completing a successful LYTRO ILLUM camera calibration, and your camera will thank you for giving it some much deserved calibration love.