Desktop 4 - Preferences

  • To access Preferences:
    • Mac:  Lytro Desktop > Preferences
    • Windows:  Edit > Preferences

The Lytro Desktop 4 Preferences Panel has the following configuration options:


  1. Launch - Launches Lytro Desktop when a Lytro camera is connected
    1. Defaults to Checked
  2. Updates
    1. Check for Lytro Desktop Updates Automatically - checks for Desktop updates
      1. Whenever you launch Lytro Desktop
      2. If Desktop is left open, every 48 hours
    2. Check for Camera Updates Automatically - checks for Lytro Camera Software updates
      1. Whenever an SD card with Lytro pictures is detected
    3. Defaults to checked
  3. Display background shade - Changes the shade of grey for image backgrounds
  4. Allow anonymous usage stats - We collect various metrics anonymously to help us improve the software; grants us permission to do so.  Defaults to checked.
  5. Viewer Quality - Choose between Maximize Speed, Balanced, Maximize Quality, and Extreme Quality rendering and viewing quality.  
    1. Defaults to Balanced
    2. This setting is GPU dependent; if you have a great GPU, try upping the setting and see how it affects the render quality and frame rate of your living pictures
  6. Reset all warning dialogs - Certain dialog boxes give you the option of "Do Not Ask Me Again".  If you have checked any of these, the "Reset all warning dialogs" button will uncheck them.


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