How do I register my LYTRO ILLUM & First Generation Lytro Camera?

We no longer require direct registration of cameras. Lytro product registration is only required for customers who bought their camera directly from Lytro, via the Lytro Store.

Don’t worry! As long as you purchased your camera new from an authorized reseller it is still under warranty (duration of warranty may vary based on the specific reseller/retailer).  If you have any issues with (or questions about) your Lytro camera please contact and we will be happy to assist in any way we can.

Your cameras warranty is based on your date of purchase, so please retain your receipt/ purchase information for future reference.


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    Da Bear

    I bought the camera from Singapore Cathay Photo, ur authorized partner but I cannot register my account to post photo and also I cannot register myself here.

    Please advise !

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