Lytro Mobile 2 - Uploading Living Pictures

Lytro Mobile Upload Notes

  1. Lytro Mobile 2.3 or higher required for batch uploads and privacy settings
  2. You can upload to existing albums, or to the default "Mobile Uploads" album
  3. You can not create new albums from Lytro Mobile at this time
  4. Each picture you share averages 32MB, but can range from 25-45MB; set your upload preferences (wifi only or cellular) accordingly in Settings
  5. Images shared from Lytro Desktop provide the highest image quality

Upload (up to 25 images)

  1. Take some images with your Lytro Illum
  2. Connect your Lytro Illum to an iOS device via wifi
  3. Once the camera and iOS device are connected, open the Lytro Mobile app and select ‘Camera’ in the applications menu 
  4. Tap ‘Camera Roll” to view the images currently on your Lytro Illum, then tap 'Select' in the upper left corner                      
  5. Begin tapping images to select them with a green checkmark (up to 25 images). Once finished selecting images, tap the 'upload' icon on the bottom of the screen.  NOTE - each picture averages 32MB                                                                    
  6. Create a new album, or select an existing album
  7. Cycle through the selected images to add captions, select an album (devices using a cellular network only), and add location information (devices using a cellular network only).  Once completed, tap ‘Add to Upload Queue’ to add the selected batch of images to the upload queue.                                 
  8. The selected images will now be added to the upload queue from the camera                                                   
  9. Connect the iOS device to the internet via wifi
  10. The queued images will begin to display a status bar while uploading, once completed they will display ‘Uploaded’                       
  11. Once completed, you can view the uploaded images in the selected upload album (‘Mobile Uploads’ by default)            


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