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Lytro Sample Content and Desktop 4

Before you begin

  • Check system requirements - Lytro Desktop requires significantly more and different resources than 2D imaging software.  Because we are actually rendering a 3D scene, both your CPU and GPU are important and have high system requirements.  To ensure your system meets the needed Lytro Desktop 4 system requirements please click on the link below:

Getting Started

  1. Download and install Lytro Desktop 4:
  2. Download sample Living Picture Raw files (.LFX):
  3. Import the Living Picture Raw files:
    • Click on ‘File’->’Import From Folder’ and navigate to .LFX file location
  4. Wait for images to be imported and processed
    • You can check status of this process via the Activity Monitor (
  5. Have fun! 

Learning More

  1. Desktop 4 Overview - Check out the Lytro Desktop 4 Overview to learn more about key features and tools in Desktop 4:
  2. Video tutorials - These videos explain some of the options for editing living pictures including adjustments, animations, workflow into and out of 3rd party editing tools, and more:
  3. Sharing - We support various options for viewing living pictures locally and sharing them on the web.  Learn more: