Lytro Mobile 2 - Connect to the First Generation Lytro via wifi

Before proceeding, please take the required steps for getting started with the Lytro Mobile App.

Here's how to connect your iOS device to your camera:

  1. After you have signed in to the Lytro Mobile App, by default you will land on the "Stream" screen.  Touch the menu icon at the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. The sidebar will open; tap CAMERA.
  3. The CAMERA panel allows you to choose which Lytro camera model you want to connect to.
  4. Tap the First Generation Camera:
  5. Enable Wi-Fi on your First Generation camera (Firmware v.1.2 required):
    • Swipe up on the cameras touchscreen to reveal the menu
    • Swipe the menu to the right
    • Select the Wi-Fi symbol
  6. Note the Network Name (SSID) and Password
  7. Connect your iOS device to the camera's Wi-Fi network:
    • On your iOS device, open the device's Settings panel, then choose Wi-Fi.
    • Locate your camera's network in the CHOOSE A NETWORK... panel and tap it.
    • Enter the password that was displayed on the camera's iOS Connect screen, then tap Join
    • Your iOS device should connect to the camera's Wi-Fi network.
  8. Now relaunch the Lytro Mobile app to complete the connection process. 
  9. When the connection process is complete, the Camera Roll panel will appear. In a few moments previews of the living pictures on your camera will be displayed on your iOS device's screen. 



  • Avatar
    Pablo Montes

    When the android app will be available?

  • Avatar
    Eric Ericson

    I have a first gen lytro camera and the latest iOS app from the Apple store. Following the directions here, I can connect my iPad Air to the camera's wifi, but when I open the app it gets hung up on "connecting to camera". It just keeps searching, I guess, until the lytro shuts off.

  • Avatar
    Stephen Bunton

    Since it appears I am unable to use the 1st gen. Camera with my Samsung phone, why won't an icon indicating wi-fi, show on the screen as well? I was going to use my iMac for wi-fi.

  • Avatar
    Russ Haines

    I have the Lytro 8GB Light field camera soft. V1.2.2 build#208. Sr#A202430572.
    I have android devices.
    Is there an app for android, or do I need to sell this camea.

  • Avatar
    CR Thornton

    All the graphics geeks I have ever known worship Apple so I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for android. I have Windows and Linux PC's and a Windows phone. Don't expect to live long enough to see that!!

  • Avatar
    dark dark

    Lack of support is the main reason why I didn't go for the Lytro Illum. I went all the way to Singapore to buy the first gen Lytro. I knew full well that it was a first gen product but I liked the potential and wanted to support Lytro early. I like playing with new things. What got me off it was a lack of support and decent software.

    The Desktop software never worked very well, in the end it does it's job but even the newest update keeps crashing if the wrong buttons are pushed (Windows). I run Linux but ... no support for Linux. And I also have Android phones and it's amazing to see that there is no support for Android.

    Honestly, Lytro is just leaving it's techno loving supporters dead in the water. That is the reason why I didn't invest in the Illum. I don't want to spend $1000+ and not be able to use my devices with it.

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