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Desktop 4.3 File Format Information

In Lytro Desktop 4.3 we have added some information about each living picture's file format in the Info panel.  We hope these explanations will help you better understand the formatting of a particular living picture and how it got that way.

Raw File:
  • RAW and XRAW living picture files are files that have been imported from a Lytro camera and have not been processed or altered by 3rd party software.  These files have maximum adjustment functionality in Lytro Desktop.  For additional information on the difference between RAW and XRAW files click here.
  • Images have no perspective shift in this state.  Images marked as 'no' indicates that the image is in an unprocessed state, or are older images from a first generation camera that did not include perspective shift at the time. Reprocess the image in the current Lytro Desktop to gain optimal perspective shift behavior.

  • Images have an earlier form of perspective shift ability and will have limited interactivity.  Images marked as 'partial' were processed prior to Lytro Desktop 4.0.  Reprocess the images in the current version of Lytro Desktop to gain optimal perspective shift behavior.