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Desktop 4 - Caption Entry and Editing

Caption Entry and Editing

Captions for your living pictures allow you to enter notes and critical information about a shot, or give users a description of what they are looking at.  Your captions in Lytro Desktop will automatically be linked to your living pictures when you share them online.

There are two methods of entering captions for your living pictures in Lytro Desktop: 

  • Info Panel: Click in the 'Enter a caption...' box to add your caption, then hit Enter or Return when you're done typing.  This box will also contain any existing caption.

  • Single Picture View: When viewing a Living Picture in single picture view there is a bar on the bottom with several icons.  By clicking the icon that represents a text bubble a window pops up that allows users to view or enter a caption.  Just write your caption and click the 'X' in upper right corner of that caption window.  The caption will automatically save to the image.

    • Once a caption is entered in either the Info Panel or in Single Picture View, the text entered will be visible in both locations.