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Desktop 4 - Lenticular Printing

What's lenticular printing anyway?  


Exporting a 'Lenticular Print' file from Lytro Desktop 4:

  1. Select an image thumbnail and open it in 'Single Picture View' 
  2. In the main menu, select File > Export... ('Export' can also be selected by [right-clicking] or [control-clicking] the thumbnail)
    • Select a file name and location
    • For 'Export Format:' select 'Lenticular Print'
    • 'Number of Frames' selects how many views are generated between the minimum and maximum perspective view points.  The range is between 10 and 50 images.  More images will result in a smoother experience overall.
    • 'Anti-Alias Images' smoothens the experience of viewing a lenticular print by averaging frames to reduce artifacts that can be seen when a user's viewpoint changes.  This feature results in a slight loss of resolution but is recommended when exporting a lenticular file using over 12 frames. 
  3. Select 'Export'          
  4. Desktop 4 will process the exported file 
  5. Send resulting file to a professional printer that can create lenticular prints