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Desktop 4 - Adjustment Limitations

By communicating the picture state of a living picture, Lytro Desktop 4 lets users know if their living pictures file type or state will result in limitations when making adjustments and creating animations.

  • Picture states are communicated using short and simple text in the Adjust, Animate, and Info Panels.                                          
  • These messages focus on what can and cannot be done with a living picture, and lets the user know why. If updated processing can make the additional adjustments available a button to 'Upgrade' will be available. 

For example:

  1.  If the picture is an LFR without the latest Desktop processing, the message will state: “This picture must be processed to enable the use of adjustments.” 

  2.  If the picture has no LFR (re-imported after exporting as a stack), the message will state: “This picture is not a RAW file, which limits the type of adjustments that can be performed on it. Only some adjustment options are available in this panel.”