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Desktop 4 - Using Photoshop Integration

To use Lytro Desktop's integrated Adobe Photoshop feature, you must have Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 installed on your computer.   If you are using another version of Photoshop click here.  Click here if you experience any issues using the built-in Photoshop plug-in.


Click Here to watch a video tutorial on using Lytro Desktop 4's Adobe Photoshop integration


Using Lytro Desktop's integrated Photoshop feature:

  1. Select a living picture that you want to edit in Photoshop and open it in 'Single Picture' view.
  2. In the top bar click 'Picture' and select 'Edit in Photoshop'
  3. The first time using this tool you will need to install the Lytro plug-in for Photoshop, when prompted select 'Yes'.
  4. Your living picture will open in Adobe Photoshop.
  5. If you are making global adjustments - adjustments that affect the entire image - like contrast or saturation - you'll want to make sure that they are exactly the same for each layer (except for the Depth Map).  You can make global adjustments by creating an adjustment layer from any of the picture layers, and then dragging the adjustment layer to the top of the list above the depth map (the depth map will not be effected).
    • You can apply any edits you would regularly use in external editing software.  We recommend applying the same changes across all 7 image layers for the living picture to reimport correctly.
  6. When you are finished adjusting your image click on 'File', go down to 'Scripts', and select 'Export to Lytro Desktop' 
  7. Once processing is complete your changes will be reflected by the living picture in Lytro Desktop.


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    Sten Hougaard

    Would it be possible to also edit in other Photo Apps, like Affinity Photo, which is a very cool app for photo editing on OS X.


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    Elza Visser

    Hi there

    I have just installed the Lytro Desktop 4 on my macbook however once I am happy with the adjustments in this program and want to continue my editing in Photoshop it does not allow me to select the "edit in photoshop" icon on the menu.

    Apart from the fact that it is greyed out, I do not get the pop menu asking me to install the plugin as shown above when selecting this option.

    Is there an alternative way of obtaining this plugin as I primarily depend on my Photoshop software for final touches.