Lytro Living Picture Gallery (

The gallery ( features a large selection of living pictures recently captured using the Lytro ILLUM.

Under the ‘Explore’ dropdown you will find two galleries to choose from:

  1. Lytro’s Stream: This album features living pictures captured by Lytro sponsored photographers and staff. The Lytro content department has selected the living pictures posted in this album.
  2. ILLUM User Stream:. Our content team monitors the public ILLUM living picture stream for great examples of living pictures and posts them here.

How to interact with Living Pictures in the Gallery

  • Click on an image that interests you.
  • This loads the  ‘Picture Page’ where you can:
    • Click on different image planes to adjust the living pictures focus.
    • Move your mouse in a circular motion over the image to shift the perspective.
    • Click the play button under the image to view an animation of the living picture (if the living picture is part of a multi-image album this will start a slideshow of all images in the album).

For information on sharing living pictures from Lytro Web please Click Here.



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