Desktop 4- First Generation Camera Isn't Detected (Windows)

If you are using a Mac, please Click Here.

If Lytro Desktop 4 does not automatically detect your first generation Lytro camera, please try the following steps:

  1. Confirm you have installed the latest version of Lytro Desktop at
  2. Confirm you are using a data capable micro USB cable (you can test this by connecting to another device)
  3. If your camera is still not detected by Lytro Desktop please follow the instructions below:

Please check the Windows services to make sure the Lytro Desktop Application Service is installed and running.

  • Go to Start and type Services in the search box and press enter.
  • The Windows Services window should open.  
  • Look for the 'Lytro Desktop Application Service'.
  • The service should be set to Automatic and Started.  If it is not, right click on the service and choose start.

NOTE: If 'Lytro Desktop Application Service' is not an option in the Windows Services list please temporarily disable any security software you have installed and reinstall the latest version of Lytro Desktop from  Once the installation is complete, you can reactivate your security software.


If Lytro Desktop still does not detect your first generation camera please contact support at or contact us via live chat 9AM-5PM PST Monday-Friday on our support homepage:  

Please let us know that you have seen this article and whether or not you were able to complete all the steps. 



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