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First Geneation Users on OS X 10.11 Can't Connect to Lytro Desktop

Users on OS X 10.11 Can't Use First Generation Lytro Camera 

  • Affects - First Generation Camera + Mac OS 10.11 + Lytro Desktop 4
  • Does not affect - ILLUM users; 10.10 users.
  • Error - Affected users may receive one or more of the following errors when first installing Lytro Desktop 4:
    • Error Domain=LytroInstallHelperError
    • Code=-603946989
    • "System Components Required - System components must be installed to enable camera sync.  This process will require your password."
  • Summary - Users on OS X 10.11 with First Generation Lytro cameras cannot connect to Lytro Desktop 4
  • What happened - Lytro has been using a custom kernel extension that we developed and Apple, as of 10.11, started blocking custom kernel extensions. We've applied for an exception and are still waiting to hear from them.
  • Status - Latest Desktop release, 4.3.2, includes a bug fix. NOTE:  you MUST perform a CLEAN INSTALL before installing 4.2.3, instructions here


If you are still having this issue after a clean install, please write to us at and let us know you've performed a clean install and we'll go from there.

Updated 11/25/2015


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    bob white

    I am running OS X 11 and it will not recognize my First Generation Lytro as in your "NTR-4297" alert. Lytro Desktop is fine, camera will not show up and camera is in good working order.

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    Robert Graf
    @bob white - take a look at the directions for doing a clean install of lytro. I'm running el capitan and had the same problem. I also had numerous other issues, which seem to be caused by kernel extensions (kext) that apple no longer supports in el capitan. This page should help, at least with the lytro kernel extension removal, and getting your camera to work: