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Desktop 4 - Bulk Editing Living Pictures

This article explains how you can make adjustments to multiple living pictures in Lytro Desktop 4 at the same time.


  1. Open Lytro Desktop 4
  2. Double click on a living pictures to view it in 'Filmstrip View'
  3. Click on 'Adjust' and make the desired adjustments to your living picture
  4. Go back into 'Thumbnail View' and right-click/ctrl+click the thumbnail of the living picture you just edited
  5. Select 'Copy Adjustments' from the sub-menu
  6. Select or deselect the adjustments you want copied and select 'Copy'
  7. Click and drag to select the thumbnails of images to which you wish to apply the selected adjustments
  8. Once selected, right-click/ctrl+click one of the selected thumbnails and select 'Paste Adjustments'
  9. Your adjustments will be applied to all selected living pictures