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Desktop 5 - Bulk Upgrading the LFE Version of Living Pictures

This article will explain how to bulk upgrade the LFE version of your Living Pictures.  

Upgrading the LFE version of your living pictures is an important step after installing a major update of Lytro Desktop.  Updating the images LFE version allows our web player to properly process and display living picture files that have been adjusted and exported from the latest version of Lytro Desktop.


  1. Open Lytro Desktop 5 on your Windows machine.
  2. Click and drag your cursor to select a couple of living pictures that need to have their LFE version upgraded. (This is indicated by a little exclamation point in the corner of your thumbnails) 
  3. Right-Click on one of the selected thumbnails and select 'Upgrade'. 
  4. OR you can click on 'Pictures' in the top bar and select 'Upgrade' there. 
  5. Your images will then upgrade. (This is indicated by blue progress bars at the bottom of your thumbnails) 
  6. Your images are now upgraded to the most current LFE version.