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Lytro Desktop 5 - Overview

Lytro Desktop 5 Overview

Download Lytro Desktop 5 for Windows 

For all other features and functionality, please see the Lytro Desktop 4 Overview

Lytro Desktop 5 (Windows only) provides innovative editing capabilities that are not currently possible with any other traditional camera on the market.

The new DepthFX tool in Lytro Desktop 5 allows for selective editorial changes to be made based on the depth information captured in each Living Picture. Check out the full list of improvements provided in Lytro Desktop 5.0. 

  • DepthFX (Illum images only)
    • Depth-Based Adjustments: Isolate areas and make editorial changes based on the Z depth information of each Living Picture. Adjustments include: exposure, saturation, color, contrast, hue and colorization.
    • Region-Based Adjustments: Isolate regions using a radial selection tool to make editorial changes to the Living Picture like exposure, saturation, color, contrast, hue and colorization.
    • Background Replacement: Change the background in a given imagewhile keeping the refocus-ability of the Living Picture.
    • DepthFX only supports ILLUM images.  First Generation images are not supported.


  • Living Picture filenames can now be changed


DepthFX Manual Page


Will Lytro Desktop 5 be released for Mac?

Lytro Desktop 5 is only available for Windows.

We have no plans to release a Mac version.  

For more information on Lytro ILLUM and Lytro Desktop, visit or contact Lytro Support at